Local Entrepreneurship

Somo puts its communities at the center of driving development and growth, with a locally led team that helps Somo continuously improve its tools and programs to adapt to current and local contexts.

Building Businesses

We believe that the best way to build a thriving economy is to invest in entrepreneurs. That's why we connect entrepreneurs creating solutions that matter to investors that care, so they can succeed together!

Creating Jobs

Micro and small businesses are the largest job creator across East Africa. We partner with businesses to help them grow and generate meaningful employment.

Entrepreneurs to
Change the World

Somo supports micro and small business owners with everything they need to grow, be sustainable, and create more jobs in their communities. Somo envisions a world where local entrepreneurs are provided the resources—knowledge, financing and markets—needed to create real change.

Somo is the root of a Swahili word meaning "lesson".
We are called Somo because we all have lessons to learn from each other.
Visionary entrepreneurs exist in marginalized communities around the world.
Somo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and pledges that
100% of donations go to funding our entrepreneurs.

Creating Jobs through







Vodafone Americas Foundation
Youth Business International
Big Ideas
Marcho Partners
Kenya Red Cross
Standard Chartered Foundation
ACT Foundation
La Chispa
Genesis Trust
Global Giving
The Owen Hart Foundation
social capital
Amani Institue

Somo Entrepreneurs

Discover what Somo's entrepreneurs have developed for their communities

Education Startups

Revolutionizing the way in which Africa improves student outcomes to enhance individualized education

Agricultural Startups

Delivering a better agronomic results to farmers and consumers

Textile Startups

Providing solutions and systems to improve the quality of life of others


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See The Impact of Your Contribution

Somo taught me so much!

Somo has given me an ability to think innovatively in running my business. Through the knowledge I have gained, I know I have the power to not only grow myself but also other women in my community through training and employment. I am a woman and I am a leader.

-Esther, Founder of Afropot
Mombasa, Kenya

Our Revenue and customers have Grown immensely!

Somo has been helpful in our business through several avenues like, allocating knowledge on accurate record keeping through the use of digikua tools, & provision of investment that helped in renovating our washrooms and sewer line. Somo also branded our facility which has played a big role in attracting more customers that has increased revenues. It is my hope that we will continue working hand in hand with Somo in the long-term to help the community in Katwikira and beyond."

-Roseline, Co-founder, Rabach Hygiene
Nairobi, kenya

I have learnt alot and gotten exposure!

Somo has helped me with training on how to run my business, increase production and purchasing heavy duty sewing machine. I'm glad I got to know Somo Africa and continue to learn many things through Somo advisor programs and all Somo entrepreneurs from both Tanzania and Kenya.

-Neema P. Herman, Founder of Hermanni Designs
Arusha, Tanzania

My Life is Transformed!

Since joining the team through Buruka Program, I've made tremendous achievements in my long time dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Buruka Program allowed me get free but valuable knowledge on business selection, model, registration, management, and growth. Through the acquired knowledge, I've been able to register my business name, with plans underway to upgrade the business to a Company. Besides, Somo widened my network by enabling me to meet similar businesses to mine through the entrepreneurs page and learn new ideas from them. Also, the capital investment SOMO have invested in my business has helped increase the business farm production directly translating to higher profit margin. Not to forget Digikua, the WhatsApp/USSD based platform, that has improved my business record keeping.

-Kevin, Founder of Mzeloh Farm
Kisumu, Kenya

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